Zesty-Buttery Scallops!

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I'm in love with all shellfish, but especially oysters. So,I originally tried this Harissa Butter on grilled oysters. It was good but not what I expected. I think the lemony Harissa butter was too sharp for the delicate nature of an oyster. But, that zesty-spiciness is the perfect foil to a super buttery scallop! And scallops are WAY easier to deal with too!

Zesty-Buttery Scallops:

Harissa Butter:

Mix all ingredients so that the spices and juice are completely incorporated into the butter. Let the butter rest in the refrigerator ½ hour to over-night.

For the Scallops:

  • Scallops (the Harissa Butter can do a lot of scallops)
  • Fresh breadcrumbs (I simply tossed a stale end of French Baguette and ground it up in the food processor) or Panko Breadcrumbs
  • Harissa Butter
  • Black pepper to taste

Set oven to Broil.

In a cast iron pan, over medium heat on the stove-top, melt a couple tablespoons of the Harissa Butter. When the pan is quite hot, but not hot enough to burn the butter add your scallops about 8-10 scallops for a standard skillet (use your best judgment, be sure you don’t over-crowd the pan).

Gently cook the scallops on the stove-top until they are just a little opaque ( about 2 min’s a side).

Remove from heat. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and dot each scallop with a little more of the Harissa Butter. Place under broiler until breadcrumbs get toasty (no more than 4 mins).

Before serving, add some freshly ground black pepper to taste! Enjoy!

Other uses for Harissa Butter? Try it on broiled haddock or hake, fried eggs, melted on popcorn, sautéed chicken or pork chops, melted over steamed cauliflower, etc. etc.!

To learn more about Harissa CLICK HERE

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