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There are some things that I am just naturally resistant to doing--there is little logical reason behind my opinion, it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction. Creating a coffee rub was one of these things. I guess it seemed a bit trendy and novel. Coffee rubs seemed to me to be more about a cultural obsession than flavor. But, I do love red-eye gravy. And, I became farmer’s market neighbors with a coffee roaster from Grey, Maine whose coffee was smooth, not burnt. We soon became addicts and had multiple bags of coffee at home. I knew his coffee would make a great rub--and couldn’t wait to experiment once the holiday rush was over. Lovely Coffee Rub!

I started the process with Crossroads Coffee Bean’s dark roast Brazil; I wanted to start with a super strong coffee base and the Brazil was definitely strong. I made the rub using the Brazil coffee beans, tellicherry peppercorns, ancho chili, guajillo chili, turbinado sugar, sea salt, and cinnamon. It was very good, but there was something not quite right, it was a bit too acidic and the smell was so pungent that it almost didn’t seem like food. I tried to fix it. And, I messed around with it so much that I decided I needed to start over again; beginning with my original formula, moving out from there--slowly.

Short ribs with Coffee Rub

I started over. I made it again, but something was different.It was definitely a food, it had lost its acrid intensity--- it was delicious!! But, what on earth happened?

I was pondering all this for a couple of days (I’m sure many of you will see what’s coming).  Then, I was watching my husband make coffee; I thought he was making Brazil--he wasn’t. He was making Guatemala (a medium roast)--interestingly, he was scooping from the bag I had used in my most recent coffee rub...hmmm.

So, a happy accident!Loin-Roast with Coffee Rub

Once the rub was complete I sent out samples to some folks through ReginaSpices’ facebook page. I’ve heard back from one, so far. He used it on a beautiful bone-in pork-loin roast, cooked on his Treager grill.

He said, "Your spice rub was amazing on this roast."

Oh my gosh!! Thank you, thank you!!!

(more on the Coffee Rub)

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