LapSang Pepper -- a love letter

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Unfortunately, smokey flavors can have a metallic aftertaste, or a general chemical essence. Smoked peppers are wonderful, like chipotle or smoked paprika, but their smokiness is tempered by the pepper itself. Which isn’t a bad thing; it’s just not always what I’m craving!

Intense? Yes!

What I love about LapSang Souchong Tea is its natural, heavy smoked flavor! There is definitely nothing artificial about its flavor. So a few years ago I started experimenting –grinding the tea with black pepper and garlic to create a full-bodied smoked pepper. LapSang Pepper was born! It has since become a best seller!

What has surprised me as I have cooked with LapSang Pepper is just how much the tea of LapSang Souchong Tea comes forward in the flavor, especially in liquid based, longer cooked items like soups and stews. The tea adds a bright complexity and breadth to the food.

It’s great on . . . pretty much everything! From eggs, to potato (absolutely killer in potato soup and on potato chips), chicken, salad dressing, BURGERS, STEAK, chops, oven roasted veggies, etc. When our pepper grinder was broken I used LapSang Pepper in place of regular pepper—DELICIOUS!


-4oz Grass Fed Ground Beef per burger
-LapSang Pepper
-Cast Iron Skillet

Gently form the ground beef into a ball. Lightly press the ball into a burger shape, make a divot in the top with your thumb (this will help the burger from becoming round when it cooks). Set aside.

Sprinkle LapSang Pepper onto a small plate (you will need enough to cover the burger). Gently, press the burger into the spices--coat both sides. Set aside.

Heat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat, add a little butter or oil. Cook the burger to your desired "doneness". *Be sure to not flip more than once.*

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