Catching Up

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I have definitely let this blog go for too long without an update.I’ve been kind-of under the weather and, as a procrastinator, just kept putting it off and feeling stressed about putting it off and putting it off some more!

As I mentioned I haven’t been feeling tip-top; so, my doctor has suggested an elimination diet--just gluten and dairy … just no cheese, or cream, or yogurt, or cream, or cheese.  I’m ok with leaving off gluten; I’m not a bread hound.But for some reason eliminating the combo can be a bit difficult—or, at least, making it more difficult to fall into my regular eating habits.

Overall, I think that eliminating a food group or two really forces one to cook more creatively.It has certainly lead me to a new appreciation of my spice blends (they are gluten free, of course!)—many of which I have been leaning on to help with my food transition!  My favorite, most satisfying dish, is pan fried (not deep, but not sautéed either) skinless, boneless chicken thighs which have been lightly breaded with a mixture of brown rice flour and Mediterranean Seasoning (then lightly salted with Jalapeño-Lime Salt).

In other news, I’m about to transition the salt used in ReginaSpices blends from a flaked Kosher salt to Maine Sea Salt’s Coarse Salt, which is a nice flaked, finishing salt.Maine Sea Salt salts are super full flavored – I excited to see how much the blends will improve.  Certainly, Jalapeño-Lime Salt will enter an all new stratosphere.

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