Regina Spices Jessica Regina Moore

I have always loved to cook (and eat).I loved it so much that when I was small my father built me a special step-stool so I could reach the stove-- I was off and cooking!

My love of food and the stories people tell about their dishes led me to found Portland Spice Co. a popular spice and international grocery store at the former Portland Public Market in Portland Maine.

I started Portland Spice when I was young. After being in business for several years, when the Portland Public Market closed, I decided to leave what had become Portland Spice & Trading Co, to explore new avenues of interest--Including; getting married; receiving a Masters, working as a deckhand on the ferry; volunteering for a non-profit; and adopting a comic yellow lab!

What have all these experiences has taught me?

That I missed the tactile and total sensory experience of grinding, blending, and designing spice blends. I also missed hearing and learning about the cooking histories of people who also love to cook and eat.

I hope you enjoy these blends, and if you want to share a bit of your food history please feel free to post on ReginaSpices blog, Facebook, or email me.


Jessica Regina