Times are changing!

As some of you may know, I am an ordained minister in the UCC. I have recently been called to be the pastor of a church in Vermont.  So- I'm moving away from Maine (yikes!).  I have decided to take a Sabbatical from ReginaSpices; I will take the winter off to decide if I'll continue or close permanently.

I have enjoyed getting to know you all-- customers and fellow small business people alike!


--Jessica (Regina)

Are you Regina?

 We are sisters, Jessica (founder) and Jennifer (helper). Regina is a maternal family name passed down through the generations with Jessica as the proud recipient of this tradition with her middle name. In a way, yes, we are Regina!

Like the name Regina, recipes and food culture are often passed down through our mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts etc., which inspired Jessica to name this company ReginaSpices.

Jessica has always loved to cook (and eat). She loved it so much that when she was small our father built her a special step-stool so she could reach the stove-- she was off and cooking!

Her love of food and the stories people tell about their dishes led her to found Portland Spice Co. a popular spice and international grocery store at the former Portland Public Market in Portland Maine. Jessica and Jennifer started Portland Spice when they were young. Jennifer first peeled off to begin her family (which involved a move out of Portland) and Jessica continued to grow her business.

After being in business for several years, when the Portland Public Market closed, Jessica decided to leave what had become Portland Spice & Trading Co, to explore new avenues of interest--Including; getting married, receiving a Masters, working as a deckhand on the ferry, volunteering for a non-profit, and adopting a comic yellow lab!

Jessica eventually discovered that she missed the tactile and total sensory experience of grinding, blending, and designing spice blends. She also missed hearing and learning about the cooking histories of people who also love to cook and eat. So ReginaSpices was created, a business in which Jessica could focus only on her signature blends.

Jennifer came on board mid-2018 to help out as ReginaSpices continues to grow.

ReginaSpices connects with folks personally via pop-up shops at a variety of events, fairs and markets in New England. Stop by and see us in person, drop us a message via Facebook, tag us on Instagram or send us an email regina@reginaspices.com.

We would love to hear from you!

Jessica (Regina) Moore

Jennifer Yarbrough