Anyone can cook, but not everyone realizes it . . .

      I am proof of that! While my four year old sister was cooking away on a stove, my lack of any obvious culinary talent relegated me to scullery tasks for the duration of my years at home. Needless to say, cooking was never a priority in my life, it was simply another chore to be done.

      As my family went vegan, I began to explore cooking. Many of the dishes I make are relatively simple, but extremely flavorful. I found my niche in the simple comfort foods of soups, stews, and other ‘one pot/pan’ meals. I found I also have a knack for simple baking.

      I learned that cooking is an act of love, sharing, hospitality and connecting. It is an integral part of being human, and you don’t need any special talent to join in. In fact, some of the best stories we share around the kitchen table are of my ‘fails’. You simply need to be willing to give it a go!

      Jessica has a gift for designing layered flavors, and has carefully crafted, tested and modified each of the spice blends ReginaSpices offers. Whether your dishes be simple or involved, these blends can enhance any recipe and inspire the hidden chef in all as we continue to explore the world of food.

      All or our spice blends and dry rubs are hand crafted, freshly ground and blended in small batches by Jessica in Portland, Maine from the highest quality ingredients.

      We invite everyone, from novice to master to experiment with our spice blends. Let us know what worked or what didn’t! We love to hear from you and love to hear your food stories. 

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Hand-made in small batches, ReginaSpices creates delicious gourmet spice blends, seasonings, and dry rubs of the highest quality.

Freshly ground & blended in Portland, Maine!

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Cooking is not a competitive sport...

Zesty-Buttery Scallops!

by on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 1:06:00 PM
Is there anything better than a Zesty- Buttery Scallop?

These Zesty-Buttery Scallops are quick and easy to make. Pair with rice,and a salad or steamed asparagus. It's perfect way to treat yourself after a hard day

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